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Weight Watchers Yoga Starter Kit

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The "Yoga Starter Kit" is the perfect way for anyone to dip their toes in and see why yoga has become so popular. The modifications shown for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels allow you to start where you are and try new variations as your experience level advances. The kit includes a comfort-sized yoga block and woven cotton strap along with the tracker and DVD. These props assist in stretching, help modify exercises for varying degrees of flexibility and are used to tone muscle. Sara Ivanhoe has been teaching yoga for over 15 years. According to Ivanhoe, "It can be difficult for someone new to fitness to maneuver a full sun salutation, for example, because you're moving up, down and back up again. I took that out of the equation by making a standing routine and a floor routine, each 30 minutes long. My goal is to get everyone used to the basics first and build from there. Each practice will leave you feeling strong, energized and balanced."

taste - dvd  

$20 + Shipping

Taste - Ten yoga sequences short enough to fit into your busy life. These routines are quick, but will engage your whole body and leave you with a delicious taste of yoga. You can do each one individually, or for a longer workout try one of the extended programs. You can even mix and match to assemble one of your own. Always practice yoga on an empty stomach, in comfortable clothes, and on a non-slip surface. These sequences are designed for all levels but please practice at your own pace. Yoga is meant to make you feel better. Enjoy a taste of yoga. Namaste.

yoga on the edge - dvd

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Three totally non-intimidating yoga programs filmed on a tranquil Bahamian beach. The workouts have a unique spontaneity and authenticity because they were created "in the moment" -- Sara didn't pre-plan the moves. Instead, she let her feelings and surroundings guide the movement selection (so every pose isn't perfect, and she doesn't expect yours to be perfect either). "Sunrise" is the first workout; it's the most challenging with the largest variety of positions. "High Noon" is next; it's focused on breath and balance. "Sunset" is the last program; it's designed to calm your mind and body at day's end. Instrumental music with soft, yoga-style chanting. © 2008. Level: Intermediate. Total length of all three workouts: 121 minutes.

Women of Bhakti - dvd

$9.99 + Shipping

Women of Bhakti, shot in India and America, is an artistic and entertaining film that gives viewers an enlightening understanding of the bhakti, or devotional tradition, and it’s relation to modern yoga practice.

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yoga body makeover - dvd

Yoga Body Makeover includes Power Weight Loss, Power Tone with Weights, Core Power, Lower Body Power, Power Sweat and a bonus routine: On the Ball Yoga. Total body yoga for every day of the week! No time to work out? Sara has developed these fun and powerful yoga routines that target all those pesky trouble spots! If you have 20 minutes a day, you can have that sleek yoga body in no time. Choose between 6 routines throughout the week and mix it up while you burn calories, strengthen your muscles and feel fantastic. Power Weight Loss: Burn twice the calories in half the time with this heart pumping routine and have a blast. Power Tone with Weights: Kick it up a notch with hand weights to target and build a powerful upper body. Core Power: Target your core and build flat and powerful ads with this focused routine. Perfect for all fitness levels. Lower Body Power: Follow Sara's upbeat pace and detailed instruction while you stretch, twist and tone using yoga breathing techniques to provide balance and energy. Power Sweat: Detox your body and boost your strength and vitality. Bonus - On the Ball Yoga: Ultimate fusion of yoga and ball work that targets your core and provides a powerful mind and body connection.  ©2007.  

basic yoga workout for dummies - dvd

"For Dummies," the Hungry Minds line of instructional books with familiar yellow and black jackets, makes a foray into home video with this beginner's yoga workout.  Using twelve basic poses -- "The Daily Dozen" along with "Myth Busters," "Jargon Alerts," and "Tips," instructor Sara Ivanhoe lays the groundwork for a thorough understanding of correct yoga postures and their benefits. The exercises provide a balanced workout with equal emphasis on upper- and lower-body; no special equipment is necessary.

beyond basic yoga for dummies - dvd

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Like the popular “Dummies” books, this is an exceptionally easy-to-follow and non-intimidating program.  Sara Ivanhoe is a friendly instructor who keeps it relaxed and informal.  First, you’ll learn a move with lots of careful explanation.  Then, you’ll practice it a couple of times and then move on to the next position.  This program is just slightly more intense than the “Basic Yoga For Dummies” video.  This workout features Sara’s “Daily Dozen” — 12 poses that range from easier classics like “triangle” and “warrior” to tougher moves like “wide leg standing forward bend.”  It includes tips, cautions and modifications for more advanced positions -- using a split-screen so you can see both levels at once.  One-on-one teaching and quiet instrumental music.  DVD includes a 15-minute "bonus" meditation segment.  © 2002. 

titans of yoga - dvd

For the first time ever, Titans Of Yoga brings together twenty-five of the most prominent figures in the worlds of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.  As they share their own life experiences from the tragic to the ecstatic, the Titans embark on a journey of self-discovery that touches and inspires.  Their tales of addiction and depression, an HIV positive diagnosis and a penchant for sex, drugs and rock-and-roll will move you as they share how they overcame these challenges and transformed them into their greatest life victories. Proceeds help benefit Yoga Recess In Schools.  © 2010.

joy of yoga - dvd

Joy of Yoga provides the improved flexibility and relaxation benefits of traditional yoga without the intimidating attitude.  Sara’s unusually laid-back style makes it unusually easy to do (e.g. "if your knees are doing this, just flop them out" or "now just kinda wiggle your fingers").  Her emphasis is always on enjoying the movement, not perfecting each one.  It has more energetic, upbeat music than most yoga videos and includes classic yoga poses such as downward facing dog, plank, warrior, cobra, triangle and mountain pose. 

fat burning yoga - dvd

Fat Burning Yoga features classic yoga moves such as downward facing dog, plank, warrior, cobra, triangle and mountain pose.  Sara’s solid cuing and non-mystical style makes it an effective and exceptionally yoga workout.  And by helping you achieve a balanced lifestyle and a deeper body-awareness, it provides a key element in weight-loss success.  It ends with a short, but intense, segment of traditional ab-focused floorwork.  Bright, colorful, airy set. © 2001.  

candlelight yoga - dvd

Gentle moves selected to “release tension piece by piece, breath by breath.”  The moves are all genuine yoga but Sara Ivanhoe’s focus is breathing, flexibility, looseness and relaxation, not achieving the perfect pose.  It begins with a very gentle “warm-up” stretch and it ends with just-plain-relaxation.  Don’t be confused by the title; the set isn’t dark — it’s light and airy with brightly glowing candles.  Quiet instrumental music with some soothing nature sounds.  DVD includes a bonus 15-minute workout. © 2002.

yoga live - dvd

Sara teamed up with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons to create Yoga Live with a modern twist that involves integrating contemporary upbeat music to motivate students through a rigorous workout. © 2005.

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